United Democratic Front (UDF) leader has reacted to the headline by Nation Newspaper which reads ‘Atupele Faults DPP Leadership’ saying he only cited UDF manifesto.

Muluzi who maintained his position that poor leadership is the reason that the country is still struggling with high levels of poverty.

He added that it was overstatement on the part of the country’s leading newspaper, The Nation, to twist his quotes that he has attacked the country’s leadership for failing to listen, implement and deliver.

The Nation quotes Muluzi making the statement when he appended his signature to the National Youth Manifesto.

In his response Muluzi said he was responding to a question that was posed to him by Youth Decide team on what he thinks are problems that are affecting youth development in the country.

“I quoted UDF manifesto. I never mentioned DPP or President Peter Mutharika,” he said.

He further added that he never said that DPP leadership does not listen to but rather leaders must listen ordinary Malawians in order to do better.

“I said to do better is listening to the voice of ordinary Malawians who understand what the need and how best to deliver that need,” he said.

He added; “I clearly stated that the problem lies in the leadership to deliver or implement, monitor and drive real results.”

Atupele who is a minister in President Mutharika’s cabinet has been preaching about shifting the national mindset.

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