MCP Supporter Suggests Chakwera Has 100% Chance of Winning 2019 Elections Because of the Following Reasons

As we are still counting down to the Election Day, a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) supporter identified as Emmanuel Mwanza has gave out reasons why he think Dr Lazarus Chakwera will emerge victorious after the casting of votes on May 21.

MCP Supporter Emmanuel Mwanza

Below are the reasons…

  1. MCP has a chance because from my look of things, the party is better than it was in 2014. In 2014 it was only depending on central region votes but with the coming of Sidik Mia, it is now visible in the Eastern region and Southern region,
  2. In 2014, Chakwera had only 8 months to campaign which gave him a limited time to introduce himself to the people and convince them since he was new to most of the people unlike now that everybody knows who he is and what he is capable of
  3. In the past, other parties were making references of the barbaric acts that were happening during the one party system era as a tool to de-campaign MCP. Now Malawians have come to the realization to know their real enemy and to note that we have big problems such as high unemployment rate, electricity blackouts, high cost of living, corruption – just to mention a few.
  4. The forth reason is that MCP is working as a team during this campaign period unlike other parties hence that bringing hope to us that we will surely win the elections.
  5. Churches have written pastoral letters, and their views on this election looks they also do trust that Chakwera is the right man to lead Malawi forward.
  6. MCP has packaged its message very well that it is easy to tell every one what Chakwera will do unlike other parties.
  7. Sidik Mia has got influence amongst people of Muslim religion and that will also bring more votes on the other side.
  8. For the first time MCP has got members who are giving generously to the party campaign.
  9. Unlike some new parties MCP has got a base which will act as a spring board votes from the districts which the party has most of its supporters and that will put MCP to an advantage.
  10. The alliance which the party has made with Joyce Banda and Khumbo kachali will help a lot to make MCP win this elections.

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