Zodwa Wabantu may be the talk of Mzansi after the premiere of her reality show at the weekend, but not everyone was impressed by it.

Zodwa’s show has been trending pretty much ever since it aired on Saturday night, with fans sharing what they thought of the show on social media.

And while many applauded the star for being “so real” and showing her life, warts and all, one fan took to Zodwa’s Instagram page to raise her concerns about the lessons it was teaching the youth.

She called on Zodwa to tone it down a little.

“I love Zodwa, but I feel like the show is too raw, especially because we have children that follow and watch Zodwa. I feel like all she’s doing is promoting ubufebe and I can’t stand the vulgar as well. But I mean, I respect her and her hustle, but couldn’t it have been toned down a bit?” the fan wrote.

Zodwa has always been down with the people and quickly responded to the complaint, claiming that “life won’t tone down”. 

“Life won’t tone it down for them kids. It will teach them how it’s real and f*cked up as it is. Everything I talk about is happening in this real life, not what you think is right or wrong,” Zodwa added.

The fan said she respected Zodwa’s view, but felt there was no need to be so blunt when she was seen as a role model.

Zodwa’s army of fans soon started debating the objection, but the star did not engage further, only sending a series of hearts to the fan.

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