Political analysts in the country have said that the new cabinet announced by President Peter Mutharika gives not hope to Malawians.

A political analyst at the University of Livingstonia George Phiri has said that the cabinet is in the hands of politicians who do not care about the issue of performance.

‚ÄúPoliticians have taken charge of the cabinet. These politicians do not care about issues of performance,‚ÄĚ said Phiri.

Phiri suggested that President Peter Mutharika should have included technocrats than the usual politicians who were there to serve the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Rafiq Hajat another political analyst, expressed his concern on the president’s move in including women on various positions as the cabinet only carries 11 percent of women.

Hajat continued by asking why the president has overstuffed his team of advisors.

Mutharika announced the new cabinet on Wednesday with two members from the central region, three from the north and 13 from the south.

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