“Every person has his own demons.” These were the words said by a South African popular dancer, Zodwa Wabantu, who will be performing alongside men of God in a concert scheduled for August.

Zodwa Wabantu, who will also be the host of the festival is known for her racy dance moves and her barely there outfits. It is also known that she performs while not wearing any underwear, a thing that has people questioning as to why is she being included in a concert together with men of God.

Zodwa who is also known for being outspoken, told the TimesSunday that people’s comments were not her concern; she got paid, and would definitely be coming to the show. She said she was aware that she had been booked alongside gospel artists for the show.

She said every person, including the men of God, had their own demons and they should not concern themselves about her. She added that the promoters of the event should be asked why she had been booked to perform with pastors.

Bishop Samson Hlatshwayo of the League of Churches said it was wrong to mix worldly things with religion.

one of Zodwa’a performances

He said he knew Zodwa Wabantu – the underwear-free music dancer from television and newspapers, and said things were going wrong, and the gospel of Christ was being spoiled. “We will not say anything, but the organisers should be careful. You cannot mix the gospel with worldly things,” he said.

He said if a festival involved gospel singers, it should only be a gospel festival. He said a person could not stand up and preach, and then another person speak of his own things which did not involve the Bible. “Paraffin and water will never mix,” he said.

The bishop said he condemned the event, and he did not know how the organisers of the show came about to make such a decision.

The festival’s Public Relations Officer, Bishop Maculuve, said the artists would not be performing the same song, and everyone will be doing what they were booked to do.

He said the festival was organised by the shop, Baceth Hardware, which reached all kinds of people. He said the festival was not a gospel festival, and it did not belong to any church, but to Baceth, which catered for people from all walks of life..

“Those who like gospel music will find gospel artists, and those who like secular music will find it all there,” he said.

He said Baceth was holding the festival for its customers, and all of them should be catered for.

Maculuve added that Zodwa Wabantu would perform at a local Club, and not in church.

He said an artist could hypocritically say he would not sing with other children of God, and decide not to perform during the show.

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