Three weeks after internet was shutdown in Sudan, the country has restored the internet but now for only one person.

Abdel-Adheem Hassan, a lawyer by professional told BBC that the internet has been restored to him only.

Abdel-Adheem Hassan

The development comes after the said lawyer won a lawsuit against mobile network provider Zain Sudan over the blackout ordered by Sudan’s military rulers.

The victory is only benefiting him only since he filed the case in a personal capacity and not for all Sudanese people.

The internet was shut-down after security officers violently dispersed protesters camping in central Khartoum. The protesters want an end to military rule following the coup against the long time leader Omar al-Bashir in April this year.

Hassan said he is the only civilian in the country able to access the internet without resorting to complicated hacks. He said he is going back to court on Tuesday to win the right for more Sudanese people.

“We have a case session tomorrow and another one the day after tomorrow. Hopefully one million people will gain internet access by the end of the week,” Hassan said.

BBC reporter is Sudan also confirmed that internet remains blocked in the country.

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