Malawi’s talented Afro Jazz music icon Lawrence ‘Lulu’ Khwisa has hit back the airwaves with a brand new single ‘undipweteka’.

According to Lulu the single will be incorporated in his new album slated for release this year in early August.

Just like in most of his songs, Lulu is expressing his love to the unknown lover of his heart.

However, this time is around the case is different as Lulu is searching for the lover whom he is assuming meeting her of greeting her at some point.

He further continues by asking the lover to reveal herself as he is going crazy wanting to meet his heartbeat.

In the hit, Lulu seem to be tired of trying haunting for the unknown lover, as he is afraid of being found in tatters.

Now, after the matters of the heart have been told through the single hit, the ear that has followed Lulu’s sound from his early musical days can simply appreciate that Lulu is now musically extra matured.

It is not too late or too early to say that musical future for the Lilongwe based artist is so radiant and bright.

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