Texting is fun, isn’t it? It really isn’t when you have a habit of saying one of these things:

6. It’s Over (The Horrid Text Breakup)

So you decided to end it with your boyfriend, please be human enough to do it in person or even over a Phone call. You should never, and I mean NEVER, break up over a text message with just a few words. This kind of news is sensitive and can really mess someone’s head up, this sort of stuff needs to be dealt With care. It may also make you seem like you’re scared to face them and to do it on their face. In some Cases, if it really isn’t possible to call or see him, at least don’t use the two words It’s Over.

5. Why Aren’t You Replying?

Understand the fact that your boyfriend may get a little too busy with work and studies sometimes, and being A good girlfriend you need to not be clingy and be supportive. Such clingy messages like Oh you’re ignoring Me now? Will only make him forcefully reply you because he doesn’t want to have a fight or make you angry And think of a thousand stories against him. Be supportive and be patient. We all have personal space.

4. Drunk Texts

Texting under the influence is never a good idea unless you can really control yourself, and most of us can’t. Don’t text under the influence, the things you say might cause a terrible downfall in your relationship as your Boyfriend sees your party side and how hard it is for you to control it. In certain situations, drunk texts lead to Funny conversations but that only happens a few times, most of the time you’ll wake up thinking why you Said that and you shouldn’t have.

3. Screenshots From The Past

It is one of the weakest moves during an argument to screen shot something your boyfriend said to you months Ago and put it on their face to leverage your argument. Keep the argument strictly based on the present and Don’t try digging out things from the past that he probably doesn’t even remember any more. It’ll lead to a Never-ending fight with both of you trying as hard as you can to hurt each other.

2 Is There Someone Else?

Being insecure is only natural, but don’t be insecure to the point where you start scaring your boyfriend. So he’s been busy for a few days, he isn’t able to talk as much as he does, don’t just assume things and Ask him if he’s seeing someone else. If you have insecurities, it is always healthy to talk them out in person And solve the issues in front of him rather than texting him an accusation which then leads to a fight.

1. A Little Too Much Sarcasm

Sarcasm doesn’t hurt, as long as it’s done right. If you’re still in the initial stages with your guy, don’t try to be Super-sarcastic to make yourself seem funny, you might come off as rude. Do it at a normal level, but if the Texts seems a bit iffy, avoid it.



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