A Congolese prophet who has allegedly been in multiple sexual relationships with women in his church has been arrested and his church has been closed in Zambia.

He was arrested last Friday but is yet to be charged, it is reported.

The country’s Immigration Department public relations officer Namati Nshinka confirmed the arrest of Joseph Muke with media.

Muke, a pastor at Pentecostal Victorious Ministries, has allegedly been embroiled in multiple sexual relations with some women in the church he has been heading.

One of the victims confessed to the Sunday Mail that she has been in a relationship with Muke despite knowing that he is married. Kabange Mbewe, 32, claimed she fell pregnant for him and he demanded that she aborts.

“This man at one time asked me to take away my fertility so that he could use it to grow his church but I refused. But what really angered me is the fact that for four years, he stopped me from getting married.He threatened any man that proposed to me,” Ms Mbewe said.

She said when police and the immigration officers raided his home, he was found with two national registration cards and some weird stuff. Another victim, 25-year-old Catherine Chishala, claimed she had an affair with Muke for a year.

“That man [Muke] has put me through a lot and I would not want to go into that now. I need time to heal before I talk about it,” Ms Chishala said.

The pastor was expected to appear in court on Monday.

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