Vice President of Malawi Everton Chimulirenji on Saturday survived a car accident involving his entourage at Gada trading centre along Zalewa road in Blantyre.

The vehicles were driving from the direction of Zalewa heading for Blantyre when Chimulirenji’s car registered MG2 suddenly braked.

It is yet to be established what caused the driver of the Toyota VX Station Wagon Aaron Jackson who also comes from the VP’s home district but it resulted in MPS Landcruiser pick up MP 2323 to hit it from behind.

Reports indicate that the accident took place at 12 o’clock and the impact of MG2 braking, coupled with being hit from behind led the VP’s car hitting another vehicle in front of it.

Chimulirenji convoy

The VP’s VX had its rear windscreen shattered, rear and front bumper damaged while other vehicles in the accident had its rear door slightly damaged.

Chimulirenji was not in the MG2 which braked according to Malawi Police Services Public Relations Officer James Kadadzera.

Kadadzera said the vehicle involved in the accident was a backup car with the same registration number and that the accident has been treated as a minor incident.

He did however acknowledge that four police officer sustained injuries.

According to the Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services road accidents are still on the rise in the country despite efforts to curb the problem.

The figures indicate road accidents rose from 3,600 in 2017 to 5,200 in 2018.

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