A human rights lawyer Chrispine Sibande has challenged the inspector General (IG) of police Rodney Jose’s decision to ban Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) from holding demonstrations in the country, saying he was wrongly advised.

Sibande wrote this on his Facebook wall saying Jose has been wrongly advised to give directions on the future of demonstrations in the country.

According to Sibande, the power to determine the future of demonstrations lie in the hands of the District Commissioner (DC) who gives order to the police to provide security to the demonstrators.

“Issues of demonstrations fall exclusively in the hands of the District Commissioner. It is the DC who is given powers to consult officer in charge of police of particular locality on matters of security where a particular demonstration is taking place on written notice,” said Sibande.

He added; “Even on the day of demonstrations, the law recognizes a police officer in the locality at the rank of Inspector and above to advise convenors on the matter of security.”

Sibande further continued that “Blank Statements on demonstrations fall outside Malawi laws. The IG has been ill advised.”

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