South Africa Police is investigating a case of assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm against a nurse who allegedly fed a woman dog faeces in Cape Town.

Police spokesperson, Van Wyk has confirmed that a case of assault GBH, intimidation and crimen injuria was opened at the Ravensmead police station on Tuesday.

This after a disturbing video of the woman ordering her man’s alleged “lover” to eat from a bag filled with “dog faeces” went viral this week.

The video shows the 27-year-old victim being forced to eat out of the bag as the woman hurls insults at her.

“Eat. I will show you what I do with (cheaters).”

The victim opens the bag and starts eating the contents which seemingly look like dog faeces.

“You are not going to get nausea and vomit here, can you see my place is clean?,” she is told.

The victim, who moans and struggles to stomach the contents, is then told: “Swallow, you are taking too long, take another piece.”

“Take another piece, you can choose which one you want – soft, hard, mushy or anything,” the woman is heard saying.

She goes further and tells the younger woman that she has a sexually transmitted disease but her HIV test is negative.

“When are you going to the clinic?”

The woman responds by saying, “Monday”.

“You make sure that you go to the clinic immediately and tell them I sent you. If you don’t go, don’t make me look for you,” the woman says, while waving an object which looks like a chain in her hand.

Before the video of just under four minutes ends, she instructs the woman to take a big piece from the bag.

“There you go, chew for auntie. Beautiful.”

Tygerberg hospital spokesperson Laticia Pienaar confirmed that the nurse has been an employee at the hospital for the past four years.

Pienaar said the hospital became aware of the incident through social media.

“Internal investigations are taking place to establish the facts regarding this incident and to determine allegations of improper conduct.

“If any public servant is found guilty of improper conduct, it can lead to a dismissal from the service,” Pienaar said.

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