Protesters Strip Naked CID Female Cop, Activists Condemn the Act


A female police officer under Criminal Investigation Department (CID) was striped naked by protesters on Tuesday in Lilongwe.

The officer who was working undercover, dressed in her civilian clothes was spotted by some of the Anti-Ansah demonstrators.

The protesters described the police officer as a spy saying she was taking details of those involved in the demonstrations.

Sensing danger that was about to fall on her, the had to run for her life but the protesters overrun and overpower her, when they caught her they beat her up and leave her naked.

A Malawi Defense Force (MDF) soldier came to her rescue, providing a t-shirt to the desperate cop.

Women activists Faustence Chirwa and Emily Banda have since condemned the action by the protesters.

in her remarks Banda said people’s anger the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson should not victimize other women.

Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) hold nationwide demonstrations calling for resignation of Ansah who is being accused of mismanaging May 21 elections.

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Flora Mitumba


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