A man implicated to have been following Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) vice chairperson Gift Trapence has denied the allegations.

Pictures of Pato Phoya has been making rounds on social media being escorted by the message that he has been sent to assassin Trapence and his team in a staged accident on their way from Karonga where the coalition held a citizen rally.

Writing on his Facebook page, Phoya described the said rumor as “useless and cheap propaganda emanating from a fear of own shadow”

Phoya who did not refuse to have visited Karonga on the same day the coalition had business in the district, justified his visit as private saying he was invited by “private people to a private wedding”

“It is worrisome that someone in their myopic thinking has or have resolved to restrict people to be traveling to any area of our land just because they associate them with views that do not conform to their ideology,” writes Phoya

He added that he has no enemy in mind that he can be tracking, saying the use of his pictures on Facebook and link it to any shadows they think are chasing anyone or tracking any persons in this land only shows how retarded their mind can be.

“I do not have an enemy in mind to be tracking or follow. I can not stoop that low,” said Phoya.

Yesterday social media was awashed with news that the alleged mentioned person was driving a Prado and was a mission to kill Trapence and his fellows on what will look like an accident.

Phoya also trashed these allegations by saying he has never heard that a “KIA has turned into a Prado”

Phoya is said to be a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadet and also a Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) employee.

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