Seven months after swearing by methylated spirits, Zodwa has found a new way to deal with “kiwi”.

Summer is just around the corner and as the weather heats up the last thing you want is for your dark inner thighs to stop you from being great.

Zodwa told her followers in January that she used spirits to remove dark thigh spots but changed her tune this week.

She posted a series of videos of herself undergoing a procedure at a medical clinic and encouraged women to get the treatment.

She said the procedure was from India and was super effective.

“Ladies, I am having a laugh about this. You have been asking me why my thighs are not black on the inside and why I don’t have kiwi. This is the machine I have been using. I took my time to tell you because I wanted to take you through all the processes of my body.”

When called out and asked what happened to the spirits, Zodwa laughed off any suggestions that she was being a hypocrite.

“Choose what works for you, babe,” she said.

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