Celebrated African goddess of comedy Anne Kansiime has on Thursday 20th dropped a time bomb on journalists wishing to extract some content from her for the good of their work and companies to know that she is no longer doing any more free interviews.

The pissed up Mukiga from the Kabale hills has pointed out a number of reasons as to why she has made up to go commercial even when taking interviews from journalists mention the fact that there is a lot of arrogance within the media practitioners who seem to devalue works of the entertainment fraternity in addition to not making thorough research before hitting out for responses from an interviewee.

Through her You Tube platform, the East Africa Got Talent Reality TV show host has outlined a few issues on why she has been propelled by the journalism industry to kick start demanding for a pay to have her interviewed.

Below are some of the reasons Anne Kansiime gave for not doing free interviews:

1. Interviews are useless because journalists need you in sad times and issues of national importance which is irrelevant to her career.

2. Journalists don’t do thorough research before taking up an interview hence handing a big burden to the respondent.

3. The standards of living are currently high and after all journalists do not provide Kansiime make up, clothing or fuel to gear up for the interviews, she demands respect too by facilitating her.

4. Media houses have got a tendency of shunning artistes whenever time comes to give a helping hand in the promotion of their upcoming shows.

5. Journalists exploit them a lot through interviews as they earn extra money apart from salaries mention You Tube where their works are displayed for viewership.

6. Anne Kansiime isn’t doing charity for the media fraternity nor a motivational speaker that is executing interviews for the less privileged no wonder she is done with the social corporate responsibility.

Therefore, Anne Kansiime has advised journalists willing to take interviews from her to get ready to facilitate her 33 year vast experience in the industry or else utilize her You Tube channel after all she is ready to point a camera to her face and respond to any issue that demands her concern and attention.

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