In South Africa, Lizzy Mokoena’s family is devastated following her murder.

The 14-year-old was brutally murdered and then raped on Saturday night and was later found lying on the bed naked, her legs wide open.

Her Mum, Salamina Morungoa told DailySun publication that she had gone to check on Lizzy after hearing a noise and was shocked to find a man jumping out of the bedroom window.

Her daughter was lying on the bed naked, her legs wide open. The man managed to flee but dropped his hat.

“He was wearing a red top and khaki pants. It looked as if he strangled and raped her when she was already dead. I didn’t hear any screaming,” she said.

Salamina said she was deeply hurt and shocked by the man’s cruelty. She swore not to rest until her daughter’s killer had been caught and sentenced.

“I want to know who killed my daughter, and why,” said Salamina.

“She was a very good child, didn’t go to parties, nor did she drink alcohol.”

Salamina’s sister Jane Zondi said: “We know the police are already doing their job, but we want to help them.”

The family offered a R5 000 (over 200 thousand kwacha) reward to anyone with information about who the man is.

North West police spokeswoman Captain Afjie Botma confirmed that a murder case was opened.

“The girl was declared dead on the scene and had a neck wound. Arrests were made and police are investigating,” said Botma.


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