Organizers of Anti-Ansah demonstrations Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC), have announced dates for fresh demonstrations saying will be held from September 18-20.

HRDC chairperson Timothy Mtambo confirmed this in the on going press briefing that is taking place in lilongwe.

Mtambo said they are expecting the mass to dub 2 million people calling it a “2 million march”

HRDC has further added that despite calling for Malawi Electoral Commission chairperson JAne Ansah resignation, the coalition is expected to tackle some other issues.

Mtambo said they will involve parliament business, stadiums for Bullets and Nomads, xenophobic attacks in South Africa and Anti-Quota demos which are slated for tomorrow in the northern region.

The announcements of the fresh demonstrations came in following the expiry of the 14 days moratorium which the supreme court gave for the HRDC and HRDC to discuss on the security concerns during the protests.

HRDC and others stakeholders are calling for Ansah’s resignation saying she failed to manage elections.

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