South African President Cyril Ramaphosa was booed by Zimbabweans at the late Robert Mugabe, former President of Zimbabwe’s memorial in Harare for saying “South African are no Xenophobic”

Earlier the South African president had received a lukewarm applause when his arrival was announced at the Rufaro Stadium where the memorial service was being held.

Taking to the podium, Ramaphosa told the crowd that their former president had been a close ally and friend to South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC).

“Mugabe was a friend of the ANC, a friend of the people of SA, who stood by us during our darkest hour and was unwavering [in] support when our people were suffering under the yoke of apartheid,” Ramaphosa said to booing and jeers.

Ramaphosa during his tribute to Mugabe addresses the xenophobic attacks that have been happening in his country,

The SA leader, went on apologizing for the xenophobic violence that have been happening in South Africa.

“In the past two weeks, we as South Africans have been going through a challenging period. We have had acts of violence, some of which [were] directed at nationals of other countries. This has led to the deaths of some nationals from other countries, but the majority were South Africans,” he said.

Following his sentiments, Ramaphosa was booed from the crowd.

Ramaphosa told the crowd he understood their reaction, and offered an apology and declaring that South Africa was open to all African nations.

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