The Human Rights Defenders Qualition (HRDC) says its Chairperson Timothy Mtambo cannot resign besides pressure by Nyasa Big Bullets and Mighty Be forward Wanderers supporters.

Mtambo said Malawians should not be confused by what is happening as this is a mere propaganda and that in a democratic country threats are not allowed when it comes to making decisions.

“If anyone thinks that they can do anything just because they have many supporters then they are joking. We don’t want to talk about this issue again because it is now in parliament. We have so many things to do and we don’t want to fight because as Malawians we love peace”, said Mtambo.

The HRDC Chairperson has also challenged the supporters that they are free to go to his office after the seven days ultimatum they gave him but they should forget about resigning.

“After the 7 days ultimatum let them come to my office they will find me but am not resigning at all. If the government wants to construct these stadiums then the money should not be taxpayers money”, he said.

Nyasa Big Bullets and the Mighty Be forward Wonderers want Timothy Mtambo to resign and to apologize to government on the stadium issue.



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