A Twitter user with the handle olamipos_tabiti took to the platform to recount how a bride found out her husband-to-be is married.

The said to be newly-wedded couple is reported to met at a church meeting as it is believed that they share common religious belief.

When they fell in love, the man pleaded for the Introduction, Engagement, church wedding be done on the same day, the wife accepted pleaded that the Man’s family are not in Lagos they won’t be able to come after they already came with the husband, which was accepted by the lady’s side.

According to the lady, the man had told her cousin that his wife was dead but refused taking down her photos in his house.

The lady works for FCMB and reports are also showing that her work place gave her a loan for the preparations of the wedding which took over 2 months.

However tables turned on the wedding day as the man called his bride to be that he could not trace the reception receipt.

Things turned into more dramatic when the woman whose husband claimed was dead, showed up at the wedding with proof of their marriage, and carrying the reception receipt leaving the proud bride to be with no choice but fainted.


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