Cama has warned it will expose companies selling expired products with potential to endanger consumers.

The warning has come hot on the heels of revelations that most business entities and individuals are selling products with potential of endangering lives of Malawians.

According to the Malawi Bureau of Standards such is the case because some products being sold on the market have outlived their life span.

But in an interview with MIJ Online John Kapito executive director for the association said it was unfortunate some business operators were selling expired products not suitable for consumption.

With this, he said his association will expose operators who are selling expired products.

“Consumers also have to monitor products that are being sold on the market rather than being too dependent on organizations to monitor what is happening on the market. We will work towards exposing such companies as they are posing a great risk to consumers,” he said.

Besides, the campaigner has also suggested it was time for such companies to start paying substantive fines to discourage the sector from selling explicit products.

Reports indicate eating expired food exposes people to harmful bacteria that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and fever.

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