By Orchestra Katanga

Malawian renowned poet Sylvester Kalizang’ona who is known with “Unkalindanji Moyo” poem has released “Nayi Nkhata Ya Maluwa” poem which will also be followed with a DVD release.


Speaking in an interview, Kalizang’ona said the poem narrates the story of two women – one who was rich but failed to take care of her mother until her death and the other woman who was  extremely poor but had the heart and passion to help her mother, however because of her poverty she did not help her mother until her death.

He further said after some years the rich woman who failed to take care of her mother realized her mistakes of not helping her mother and she decided to lay wreath at her mother’s tombstone without seeking permission from the village headman.

“The purpose of the poem is to remind all women to take care of their mothers before they die so that they should not regret afterwards,” he said.

Kalizang’oma also said women remembers their mothers during mother’s day only and forget after that day.

“My point is that women should take care of their mothers always and not during mother’s day only,” he said, adding that Malawians have welcomed the poem and 15 people cried after listening to it.

He therefore thanked God for giving him the talent he has.

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