Founder of the Enlighten Christian Gathering (ECG) church Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has condemned the ongoing political violence that has led to the death of two people in the country.

Bushiri said this on Wednesday during a media briefing where he highlighted a number of issues regarding the ongoing Presidential polls case where United Transformation Movement (UTM) and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leaders are seeking nullification of the results.

In his speech, Bushiri said the ongoing political violence have negatively affected business players in the country with some losing the capital.

“Just look around. Our streets are chaotic and business is coming to standstill. I have read about Jenipher Kamzati, a small-scale business lady at Bwandiro in Lilongwe. She borrowed K5 million from a village bank, went to China, bought clothes and opened a clothing shop.

“In a week, even without making a single coin, she has lost everything to violence. I mean everything! Who is comforting people, like Jenipher, who keep losing business properties to violence? Which investor can come to a country where violence is becoming the order of the day? THIS IS NOT ON!” said Bushiri.

He added: “Look around. Innocent lives are being lost—we just buried an energetic young boy in Karonga because of violence. Not only that. People are being hacked, beaten and left for dead just because they come from different regions, or they wear a different political colour. Is this the Malawi we want? THIS IS NOT ON!

“Our leaders appear to have vowed to continue disagreeing without an end. We are living in a state where our leaders have AGREED to completely DISAGREE—not to DISAGREE to AGREE. THIS IS NOT ON.”

Bushiri has since promised to continue spreading message of peace and love among Malawians.

“I want to reiterate that I love Malawi and I will do anything to be part of processes that protect and safeguard the interests of all our people. Malawians want peace and I am here to begin a process that will ensure our people enjoy everlasting peace,” he added.

Meanwhile it is yet to be seen if Malawians will accept Bushiri’s call for peace.

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