Zambian Married woman has surprised people when she told her maid to stop wearing underwear when cooking in order to seduce her husband who is a pastor.

Making the confession before the Kabufu Local Church, the maid, Agnes Kangwa said her female boss Evelyn Nachilima told her not to turn down any sexual advances from her husband.

According to Kangwa who worked for Nachilima for many years, she was surprised when she heard he madam telling her that her husband might like her and that if he makes any sexual advances on her she should bow to his demands and sleep with him.

Continuing with her confession, Kangwa added that each time when he is around her bosses, her female boss would tell her husband how beautiful she is.

“She advised me to be putting chitenje only when my male boss is around and that I should not be putting trousers,” confessed Kangwa.

When asked for clarification why she should defied all the odds, Nachilima told her that it is good for her husband who is a pastor of Kingdom Redemption Church adding that the move could help the work of the anointing of the pastor each time he is preaching the gospel.

Seeing the environment, Kangwa decided to quit, but was denied to be given her National Registration Card by the couple accusing her of stealing a phone.

On her part Nachilima denied the allegations made by Kangwa citing that they refused to give her the National registration Card because she stole a phone.

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