Former Speaker of the National Assembly Davis Katsonga has come out of his cocoon to comment on the ongoing Presidential polls case describing the case as watershed.

Writing on his official facebook page, Katsonga former President of the disbanded Fuko party said Malawians have a constitutional Right to challenge any anomalies they pick in the voting processes.

“Rigging of elections is a very serious constitutional matter which steals from the people the choices they have made at the Ballot Box. Their vote becomes useless. The Riggers illigitimately become the leaders against the wishes of the governed.

“As a true Son of Malawi I look at this case as a watershed in the way Malawi votes; it does look like there are grave systemic issues in the voting processes,” wrote Katsonga.

He added: “As I write, the Court has NOT yet ruled on the case. Nevertheless, in my opinion all fair minded democratic Malawians should NOT look at this case through party-colour-tinted goggles but rather through colourless Patriots’ glasses.

“The big question is, did DPP or MEC do anything illegal to influence the outcome of these elections? So far we do not have an answer yet but, if they did; should we, as true Democrats quietly or otherwise be supporting that? In my view; I say, NO!

“Malawians real power, as a group, comes only once every five years – the power to vote for their leaders.

“For the sake of the future of our young democracy we should be prepared to protect that Right with everything we have, even if it means laying down our lives for our nascent democracy and Mother Malawi.”

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