A 24-year-old woman in Kasungu district has committed suicide by hanging because of her husband’s alleged infidelity.

This is according to Kasungu police publicist, Inspector Harry Namwaza, who said the incident happened on Friday night, November 8 at Msulira Primary School in the district.

Namwaza identified the deceased as Faless Phiri.

According to the police spokesperson, it is alleged that, the woman had a stint of tussles with her husband over allegations that the man had sexual affairs with other women.

On Friday at night, another misunderstanding arose which forced the husband to request the wife to sleep in another bedroom so that they could resolve the misunderstanding they had the following morning.

The woman left their matrimonial bedroom under the pretext that she was going to sleep in another bedroom but instead she proceeded outside the house without the knowledge of her husband.

On Saturday morning, Phiri was found hanging from a tree close to the house and postmortem results showed that death was due to strangulation.

Meanwhile, police have urged the general public to seek advice or counseling from other people or any trusted stakeholders rather than committing suicide whenever they feel aggrieved or dejected.

Faless Phiri comes from Chilangiza village in the area of Traditional Authority Chilowamatambe in Kasungu.


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