An Indian man allegedly lost his wife in a gamble and then assaulted her when she refused to go with the ‘winner’.

The bizarre incident took place in Banka district of Bihar a few days back but came to light after the victim reported the matter to the police last Tuesday.

According to the complaint, the woman was asleep in her room on Monday night when her husband Binod Kumar Shah woke her up to inform that he had lost her to a villager after gambling and that she would have to go with the winner.

“He (husband) told me the winner would arrive at home the next morning and so you should get ready to go with him since I have lost you in the game,” the woman identified as Chanda Devi reportedly told the police.

The woman alleged her husband thrashed her badly when she refused to go the next morning.

The winner had reached her home to take her away as promised by her husband. The woman has now registered a case with the police, demanding action against her husband.

“We have registered the case and have begun investigation,” said a senior police official Kumar Sunny in charge of investigation.

The police official said she had asked the woman to come to the police station for further inquiry but she didn’t arrive. “We were informed the woman has left for her parent’s home,” the police official said.

Some time back in the same district a woman had herself lost a gamble and then happily went away with the winner. The woman from Teldiha village in Banka district had gambled away to a local villager Bambholi Yadav during the annual gambling fair during Diwali.

Subsequently, the victor hugged her in full public view before taking her to his house where she stayed for two days.

She was finally rescued and sent to her husband after two days following intervention by fellow villagers. The woman who was an ace gambler had been winning cash every year during the gambling fair but that time she ended up losing after initially winning some cash.

Eventually, she placed herself on the bet after losing all cash and lost to the villager.

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