A 13-year-old girl who believed she was pregnant has killed herself after she was allegedly gang raped by six men in Bangkok.

The young girl, who has only been identified by her nickname Pinkie, is reported to have died just before midnight on Friday in the capital of Thailand.

The alleged gang rape is believed to have happened a few days before this, on 11 November. 

Her mother informed police of the alleged gang rape before her daughter died, local news site Coconuts Bangkok reports.

She is said to have told authorities her daughter was kept hostage in Khlong Toei’s Khlong Tan area last week by several men, and raped.

Two suspects have been identified and one of them has been arrested after an unregistered firearm was seized from his home during a raid, police told the outlet.

“Both suspects face charges for collaborating to sexually abuse the girl,” a Royal Thai Police spokesperson said.

“There were two girls, two boys on the night of the incident. One of the girls, Pinkie, is dead. Warrants have been issued for both boys.”

The teen believed she was pregnant, according to Coconuts Bangkok. 

The young girl posted a series of troubling messages on Facebook in the wake of the alleged rape attack, according to the New Zealand Herald.

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