It has been a topic of discussion for a while as to why women grow beards. Its something uncommon to most women but some have the beards. Initially, it was associated with some cultural myths, where other tribes believed if a woman with beards shaved, she will definitely die.

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According to Dr. Ignatius Kibe, an infertility expert, one of the major causes of beards in women is the use of contraceptives. The contraceptives which are used to prevent pregnancy by some women can cause hormonal changes in one’s body hence leading to beard growth.

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“One of the biggest side effects of using contraceptives, is growing beards because of suppressing various female hormones, says Ognatious Kibe in an interview at K24.

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In the interview by Shiko Kaittany, Dr. Kibe said that contraceptives can cause a reversal of all process of womanhood. They can also affect the blood flow leading to varicose veins as well as impairing the sex drive in women.

“Use of Contraceptives makes hormones reverse the natural process of womanhood,” Kibe added.

Other causes of beards in women are polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal disorder that impacts 5 million women, according to the PCOS Foundation. Cushing syndrome, Non-classic congenital adrenal hyperplasia (NCAH) and even androgen-secreting tumor.

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