In a relationship, there is always a time when she gets mad at you for various reasons, both genuine and ingenuine.

young woman giving her boyfriend the silent treatment after a fight

For a man,  whenever the love of your life is mad at you, it is your obligation to put a smile on her face.

The biggest problem for most men is what they can do to make their women smile again. However, that should not be an issue anymore; here are better ways in which any man can use to put a smile on their partner’s face whenever they are mad.

1. Apologize to her

One of the main steps to take is apologising. Although you might not know what you have done at times, you can just swallow the pride and apologise for offending her in any way possible.

2. Be sweet to her

Even if she is mad and don’t want to talk to you, the best way of putting a smile on her face is by being sweet to her. Utilise every chance that presents itself in showing her how sweet you can be.

3. Listen to her

When a woman is mad, the best way of solving the issue quickly is by listening to her. Lend her all your ears and listen to her concerns.

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