A Man from Nkhata Bay has committed suicide by hanging himself to the roof of his house over marital disputes at Sasasa area in the district.

The deceased is identified as Antony Mphande,24,who hailed from Msopa Village, traditional authority Kambunduli in Nkhata Bay.

According to his father, Tayelo Manda, the young man on November 30, 2019, had a fight with his wife over marriage disagreements.

Immediately after the fight, the wife escaped from the house to her home village.

Later in the morning, Mphande followed his wife for a reconciliation talk the development which didn’t materialize.

He eventually went back home after failing to reconcile with his wife.

On December 1, 2019, Mphande was found dead hanging in his house after some relatives got suspicious upon seeing that he was not waking up.

Autopsy conducted at Nkhata Bay District Hospital revealed that he died due to strangulation.

Meanwhile, Police in the district advise the members of the general public to be seeking guidance and counselling from other people who they can trust rather than opting to commit suicide as a solution

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