Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) second witness Hensley Munkhondia has started testifying in the ongoing Presidential polls case.

Munkhondia is currently being cross examined by United Transformation Movement (UTM) legal counsel Chikosa Silungwe.

Mukhondiya is the Director of Electoral Services at MEC.

Meanwhile the constitutional court has ruled in favour of the petitioners on two notices that were filed by UTM and MEC respectively.

UTM filed a notice notifying MEC that they will use tables during cross examination of its second witness Hensley Munkhondia but this was objected by MEC lawyer Tamando Chokotho who argued that UTM wanted to bring to the court additional evidence through the back door which is wrong.

Chokotho also argued that UTM was planning to cross examine the witness on issues that are not in their petition.

But in its ruling, the constitutional court through Justice Mike Tembo said cross examination of a witness is not limited to the petition but can get into other areas of a witness’ sworn statement.

Therefore the court ruled in favour of UTM allowing them to use the table.

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