So you’ve met a new guy who is your type but you are not sure whether he is into you or not. This is something that happens to a good number of women. When one meets a guy, there is always no guarantee of him being serious with you. He might be just there to play games with your heart.

Even though it is hard to know whether he is playing games with your heart or not, here are signs that can help you determine the truth.

1. You do things according to his time

If he’s always preoccupied every time you want to meet him, then know that he not only doesn’t value spending time with you but is also not into you and doesn’t care about you.

2. Not interested in your life

A man that cares about your heart and how you feel is one that is always interested to know more about your life. If he cares less about knowing things that pertain to your life, then know that he is just playing games with your heart.

3. He’s hiding you

To know whether a man is serious with you, he will never be ashamed of you and what you have between the two of you. However, if the opposite happens and he doesn’t introduce you to any of his friends or family members even after dating for a while, that shows that he is just playing games with your heart.

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