MEC’s First Witness Sam Alfandika Out of Court Dock, Enters Hensley Munkhondya


The first witness for the second petitioner in the ongoing presidential elections case Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC), Sam Alfandika is out of the court dock as his re-cross examination is over.

During his cross examination, Alfandika told the court that the commission gave instructions to elections auditors DBO to approve tally sheets that were not signed for by party monitors and those manually altered during the May 21 elections.

Alfandika acknowledged, however, that the auditors were reporting to UNDP who hired them.

The MEC CEO also contradicted MEC chair Jane Ansah on the source of correction fluid tippex which was used to alter election results on tally sheets.

The court also allowed MCP lawyers to play an interview clip which Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Justice Jane Ansah had with the media.

The clip has revealed that MEC commissioners knew before polling started that tippex was supplied to polling centers.

Alfandika has since admitted that tippex was supplied to polling centres before polling began.

MEC’s second witness Hensley Munkhondya is now excepted to take to the witness box

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Flora Mitumba


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