A new trend has now emerged where older ladies often referred to as cougars choose to seek comfort in the warmth of young men.

Also dubbed sugar mummies, the women become clingy and obsessive over their young boy toys and once in a while shower the unlucky chaps with cash, gifts and love. It has been quite difficult to pinpoint just why most women who are advanced in age refuse to cavort with their age mates.

South African socialite Zodwa and her younger lover

From South Africa’s Zodwa Wabantu, US actress Priyanka Chopra to star Lisa Bonnet, nearly every woman craves the affection of a younger man.

Luckily, social media has an answer and a solution to everything. Members of Facebook group Group Kenya chose to debunk the age-old mystery and the answers were quite interesting.

Below are the answers

1. Older women love being comforted and showered with love and only young men can provide this.

2. Younger men are stronger and manlier than their older counterparts.

3. Younger men are better in bed.

4. All the old men are either married or dating younger women.

5. Older men do not want old women.

6. Younger men are less problematic and needy.

7. Most single, old women do not want to get married.

8. Younger men do not need to be taken care of or catered to like children.

9. Younger men are more romantic and very energetic.

10. So they can brag to their friends about having a young boo.

11. Young men make them feel beautiful and wanted.

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