Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) has lifted a moratorium on insurance of radio frequency licences in the FM Band (87.5- 108 MHz).

Last year, MACRA suspended the insurance of radio frequency licences in the FM band to allow for re-planning of the Band which had become congested and could not accommodate additional radio stations.

According to Director of Broadcasting Fegus Lipenga, a new plan for the Band has been developed and MACRA is ready to implement it.

“Some of the issues to be involved in the implementation of the plan see some broadcasters being asked to switch off their transmitters in identified sites. Some broadcasters will be assigned new frequencies while others will be required to reduce transmitting power to avoid interference,” reads part of the statement.

Lipenga said the implementation process is not meant to victimize anyone saying it is aimed at improving the quality of broadcasting in the country.

Meanwhile MACRA has established a taskforce for the implementation of the process and broadcasters are part of the task-force.

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