A runaway 13 year-old was forced to have sex with hundreds of men and made her pimps so much money they nicknamed her ‘Bread maker,’ police say.

Jeremiah Horenstein, is said to have been one of three pimps who made a 13 year-old girl sleep with hundreds of men for money after she ran away from her home in Taramac, Florida.

Horenstein: forced the girl to sleep with hundreds of men

The unnamed youngster fell into the hands of sex traffickers after fleeing her home in Taramac, Florida, in May this year because ‘she was bored,’ court documents say.

She was forced to sleep with hundreds of men within a month of running away, with one of her alleged pimps, 22 year-old Jeremiah Horenstein, reportedly coming up with the Bread maker name as a result.

Hours after fleeing her family, the victim met a 19 year-old woman called Racquel Bijou at a party, it is claimed.

Bijou told the girl she could help her make money, and that this would involve working as a prostitute, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

The girl is said to have agreed, with Bijou volunteering to become the first of four pimps who would exploit the child, it is alleged.

Chilling message scrawled on wall of couple ‘tortured and stabbed to death by doorman’ The youngster was told to text Bijou the amount of time she’d spent with each pedophile, and how much she’d been paid.

She later told investigators that she went along with the trafficking because she had no money or place to stay.

Bijou later brought in Horenstein and another pimp, 25 year-old Ashton Lewis, to help her manage the child, is it said.

Bijou and Horenstein took photos of the runaway and posted them on an advert they created on an escorting website, it is alleged. They would set up abuse meetings in hotel rooms, and often arrive in a large white Mercedes, court documents claim.

Bijou and Horenstein eventually fell out, with the girl then being pimped by another woman, 27 year-old Souprina Blanc, it is claimed.

Shocking footage of spray-painted polar bear leaves experts baffled and furious The child is said to have engaged in at least six sex acts for Blanc.

She was finally rescued on June 11 by investigators at a Miami Airbnb Blanc had hired for the abuse meetings to take place.

Detectives were contacted by a relative of the child three days after she vanished, after receiving a text from the girl saying she’d had sex with ‘so many people.’

Gravely concerned for the youngster’s wellbeing, that relative contacted police, who were able to track the girl through phone records.

During the bust that rescued the child, FBI investigators found Blanc, another naked woman and a naked man hiding in a bathroom shower. Bijou and Horenstein were arrested August 15, with Lewinson and Blanc arrested last month.

All four have been charged with sex trafficking a minor, with Bijou admitting the offense November 19. She is being held in jail ahead of her sentence – which could be up to life in jail. The other three defendants are being held without bond ahead of their upcoming court hearings.


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