A man in South Africa has been demanded to pay four cows to make his penis start functioning again after he was found bedding another man’s wife.

According to DailySun, the man was caught bonking another man’s wife who in revenge put a spell on him that his manhood stopped function.

“I’ve tried prophets and witch doctors, but it’s not getting better,” he told DailySun.

“I can’t tell my wife why my penis is like this. She knew me as a strong husband who never skipped a night.

“Suddenly I’m no longer delivering.”

The whole story dates back in September last year when Ronnie Ngobeni, a father of four, admitted to poking the wife of a 45-year-old man who worked with him on a Farm in Letsitele.

Ronnie explained his bad luck to Daily Sun: “My secret lover’s husband was going home to Mozambique for a visit.”

As the husband was on the way to his home country, Ronnie took his chances. The wife was very happy to invite him in and Ronnie was in the two-roomed house in the loving arms of the lady.

What the randy lovebirds could not have known was that the husband’s trip was cancelled and he came back home and busted the two in the act.

“Her husband didn’t make a lot of noise. He only told me I should pay four cows for sleeping with his wife.”

The husband told him two cows were for rituals in Mozambique while the other two were for rituals there in South Africa.

“I agreed because I wanted to leave the house alive.”

But the husband made another demand.

“He insisted I leave my underwear and pubic hair behind as a guarantee I’d come back and fulfil my promise.

“Cows are expensive. It’s more than R6 000 each and I don’t even earn R2 000. I’ve been trying to save but I haven’t come close to getting the cows,” said sad Ronnie.

“And my thing isn’t working!”

Ronnie said the woman and her husband had moved to Henley Farm in Letsitele, and he went there in June to have the power of his penis restored.

“They were nowhere to be found,” said Ronnie.

He said someone told him they’d since moved to Tembisa in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng.

“I can’t remain like this forever. Please help me!”

“I’m begging that anyone help me rescue my manhood, or help me find the man I wronged so he can reverse the spell.

“I want to go back to my normal life.”

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