Nine-year-old Linda Sherman was found in her parents’ room lifeless with a rope tied to her neck and to a cabinet at the other end in a scene that looks like a suicide.

The incident happened at Johnson Street in Central Monrovia, a densely populated slum community.

She was a third-grade student of the St. Teresa Convent.

The reason for the alleged suicide by the 9-year-old remains unknown.

FrontPageAfrica gathered that at the time of her death, only other tenants including Morris Kanneh, 17, and Obediah Patterson, 29 along with one teenage boy were home.

Kanneh was washing his clothes while Patterson along with the teenage were watching movie in another room in the house.

According to Kanneh, the late Linda went into the house and entered in her parents’ room to change her uniform. He added that after some times, Linda’s big sister, only to be known as Blessing went in the room and noticed that the little Linda was hanged with rope.

Blessing then called on Patterson who was in his room watching a movie to help her rescue her little sister.

Neighbors expressed doubts over the possibility of she suffocating to death as the result of the hanging as her feet were seen resting on the floor.

Patterson said: “The girl feet was on the ground, she was not hanging but rope was on her neck. The only thing that happened to her was that she toilet on herself and her tongue was twisted in her mouth.”

The Liberia National Police is yet to launch an investigation into the death of the 9-year-old.

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