ZIMBABWE – A 13-year-old boy died a short while after consuming an entire 750mls bottle of undiluted brandy in Zimbabwe.
It is alleged that the boy was left in the car by his friends while they went to see the Chibuku Cup Final at Barbourfields Stadium on Saturday. When they came back they discovered he had drunk the entire bottle and he was semi-unconscious and they handed him to his stepfather who tried to talk to him but discovered he was unresponsive before he laid him on his bed.
The following morning they gave him food to eat and he apparently vomited and died later that afternoon. Bulawayo Police Spokesperson Chief Inspector Precios Simango confirmed the incident:

On November 30 at around 2PM, the deceased went to Barbourfields Stadium to watch the match with his friends. The now deceased was left guarding the car. After the match, the three friends returned and realised that the now deceased had consumed undiluted alcohol which they had left in the car

Sibanda tried to talk to the now deceased and he was not responding. He sprinkled some water on him but he did not respond and he later laid him on his bed. On December 1, the boy’s health had seriously deteriorated. His father gave him some porridge and water. After consumption he vomited everything and his condition seriously deteriorated. At around 3PM he showed no signs of life

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