Germany evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, whose record-setting crusades led him to be nicknamed “the Billy Graham of Africa,” died Saturday at age 79.

According to family sources, Bonnke passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family, on Saturday, December 7. He is said to have preached the gospel of Christ to more people than anyone in history.

Bonnke preached the gospel for over 60 years across the globe proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.he has preached the glorious Gospel of Jesus throughout the entire world.

His father was a pastor and ex-serviceman in the German Army.

Bonnke started his ministry very early in life as he gave his life to Christ at the age of nine after his mother told him of his sins.

The late evangelist started his missionary work in Africa when he was 10 where he claimed to have had an encounter with the Holy Spirit.

He later attended a Bible College in Wales but he was ordained in Germany, where he pastored a church.

He left to start his missionary work in Africa in 1969 in Lesotho where he claimed to have seen ‘Africa being washed in the precious Blood of Jesus.’

The vision for his entire ministry was to reach people by spreading the Gospel thus he started open-air Gospel Campaigns where he conducted city-wide meetings across the continent and founded the international ministry of Christ for all Nations (CfaN).

His ministry has recorded over 75 million people who gave their lives to Christ.

The evangelist also preached the gospel through inspirational movies via his Reinhard Bonnke School of Fire and lately his Full Flame Film Series, a series of eight inspirational films.

Evangelist Bonnke wrote over 40 books including an autobiography titled Living a Life of Fire.

As if he had a premonition of his death, Evangelist Bonnke at 76 years, after years of an impactful ministry held a Farewell Crusade in Lagos in November 2017, during which he explained why never collected offerings during crusades.

Rather than collect an offering during crusades, the evangelist said: “We are here to bless you; we have brought you gifts of salvation and deliverance; we are here to give and not to take anything from you. Anyone who asks you to give offering for this crusade is a thief and should be reported immediately.”

Rest in Peace Evangelist…

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