ZIMBABWE – A young high school student died on Saturday while having sex with her lover.

According to the local tabloid, H-Metro, the incident occurred at PamaStones Shopping Complex in Zimbabwe.
The girl who has only been identified as Daisy was a form three student at Highfield High 1 School. However, her age was not revealed.
It is suspected that Daisy may have died from carbon monoxide poisoning which may have triggered an asthmatic attack, which resulted in her suffocating.
This is due to the fact, that Daisy and her boyfriend John were having their stolen moment of intimacy in the generator room at the local shops. John who is a tuckshop attendant at the shops nearly died as well and was rescued by revelers at a nearby bar. A witness who spoke to H-Metro said,

The guy was found gasping for air. People had to break into the generator room.

He fell onto the power cable which disrupted power in the bottle store, so people rushed to the generator room only to find it locked and broke in. They found the girl with no pulse, but the guy still had a pulse and was gasping for air.

He had to be rushed to the hospital, but I am not sure which one.

Daisy’s family is reported to be unamused by John’s antics when Daisy was still alive. They have since demanded the full bride price from John before they can bury Daisy.

It is being said that the girl’s family don’t want anything to do with the burial until John’s family pays a bride price, because John was already taking her as a wife, sleeping with her.

In Zimbabwean culture, it is taboo for a person to be buried without their close relatives in attendance.  According to local traditions and culture, if the relatives do not sign off on the burial, the non-relatives who go on to bury the body will be haunted by the spirit of the deceased.

Credit : Iharare

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