Veteran Ghanaian actress Grace Omaboe popularly known as Maame Dokono thinks husbands should have boundaries when it comes to romance

According to Maame, washing a spouse’s intimates is very bad as it can hinder a man’s success

The thespian added a man must avoid sleeping with a woman who is on her period as it is a taboo

Grace Omaboe popularly known as Maame Dokono has aired her view on whether or not husbands should wash underwear for their wives.

The popular movie star claimed men who lower themselves to cleaning their spouse’s intimate clothing often attract curses.

During an interview with Vibes in 5, the thespian bold lady warned her male fans against getting in contact with their better half’s undergarments in the name of love.

According to her, the world has lost its standards and the most peculiar things are done without second thought.

“How can you allow your husband to wash your undergarment for you?” she expressed her surprise.

The popular actress added there are spiritual implications for performing the act.

According to the star, a husband who washes his wife’s underwear risks being unsuccessful in life.

She claimed she would immediately smack a man if she ever found him cleaning his wife’s intimates.

Also, Maame warned men against munching their wives during that time of the month.

According to the actress, sleeping with a woman while she is on her period should always be termed as a taboo.

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