Suicide is intentionally ending one’s life. Many people become suicidal when they feel they can’t cope with the current situation in their lives.

Some risk factors include bipolar disorder, a chronic medical condition that causes depression, drug abuse and major life invents that has a big impact on one’s life such as loss of a loved one.

How can you notice that your friend is suicidal? Here are the warning signs.

1. Unforeseen calmness

When a person becomes calm after a major depression may be a sign that he or she wants to commit suicide as a way to evade the depression.

2. Engagement in harmful behaviour

When a person engages in risky behaviours and habits such as driving at high speed and drinking too much alcohol might be a sign that he/she sees life as valueless and wants to end it.

3. They copy celebrities who have committed suicide before

According to Elizabeth Berger, a child physiatrist, when people who are trying to cope with depression see their idol commit suicide, they will opt to suicide as a way to escape their misery.

4. Loss of interest in personal appearance

A suicidal person no longer cares what other people think about him/her. What it is in the mind is just to get through the day. He/she even neglect the personal hygiene according to Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD, an author and psychologist, speaker.

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