A woman who allegedly squeezed her hubby’s balls until he died blamed the devil for her deeds.

The Nigerian woman lost her temper after accusing her hubby of cheating which led to a heated argument in their home in Edo State, Nigeria.

According to The Sun UK, the woman, known as Ekhator, was klapped by her spouse during the argument and she returned the blows.

“She removed his trousers and began to squeeze his testicles until he passed out.

Upon losing consciousness, her husband was taken to hospital but pronounced dead by medical staff.

The woman told cops she had been ‘possessed by the devil’.

The site further lists two similar painful deaths experienced by men in India and China.

“Back in 2017 an Indian woman killed her father in law by squeezing his testicles until they exploded.”

Apparently, the woman had a drunken fight up with her hubby when her man tried to stop the fight Instead the woman did the unthinkable and grabbed her husband’s genitals and refused to let go.

Police sources told the Hindustan Times the sudden pressure exerted by the woman on the man’s testicles led to a rupture and internal bleeding.

They added that the man possibly died as he “could not bear the pain”.

In 2013, a furious mum faced court after allegedly killing a shopkeeper in the same way.

Following an argument over a parking space in Haikou, China the woman latched on to the man’s balls and screamed: “I’ll squeeze it to death, you’ll never have children again!”

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