By Robert Kumwenda

Government has been asked to tighten the national borders to stop the smuggling of illegal blankets which have flooded the local market.

Muthen Sherif, General Manager for Nu-Line Textile blankets said this is affecting their business in terms of sales.

He said they have not make good business this year as it was the case last year saying that those in the authorities should put measures to stop those who are smuggling illegal blankets into the country.

“We have tried to talk with the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) and the officials from the Ministry of Trade and Industry but there is very little progress in as far as this issue is concerned’” he said.

Sherif said they employ over 200 people and this means that over 1,000 lives are surviving through their business hence the need for government to take action on this issue.

He said government must give them subsidy for the raw material and tax incentives for the blankets industry to grow.

“Busines is fine here in Malawi but those in authority must do something to stop smuggling of illegal blankets on the country’s borders.

Sherif added that the political instability has affected their business in terms of sales especially in Lilongwe.

He said their blankets are of good quality and affordable by everyone but he was non committed to make the projections for the year to come.

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