By Robert Kumwenda

Outgoing Public Affairs Committee Chairman Reverent Dr Felix Chingota has asked those who will be elected for the new positions of the body to focus on the electoral reforms as one way of solving the problems the country is going through politically.

He was speaking during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Blantyre.

Chingota said PAC is not a political party and it does no have intentions to form a political party but it came as a result of political circumstances that were there under the regime of Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda that is the reason why it is involved in political situations.

“The problems that we are facing now could not have been there if the issues of electoral reforms were resolved in parliament. We are faith leaders and we shall continue to speak prophetically,” he said.

He said they serve human beings who are political in nature and they will continue to provide checks and balances.

“The last six years which l has served for the position of Chairman in the body has been full of passion and person fulfillment. I would want to urge the new leadership to focus on solving the problems between Muslims and Christians as well as internal divisions.

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