Monsignor Dr. Patrick Thawale has been elected as Public Affairs Committee (PAC) Chairperson replacing Very Reverend Dr Felix Chingota.

Thawale outclassed Father Willard Kamandani of Anglican with 51 votes against 27 votes.

Brother Osman Karim of Quadria Muslim Association of Malawi has been elected as Vice Chairperson after getting 52 votes. He defeated Rev.John Gondwe (Livingstonian Synod), who got 26 votes.

Below is the list of new PAC Executive members;

New PAC Executive Committee:

1. Chairperson – Monsignor Dr. Patrick Thawale

2. Vice Chairperson – Bro. Osman Karim

3. Board Secretary – Rev. Fr. Mark Mkandawire

4. Publicity Secretary – Bishop Gilford Matonga

5. Treasurer – Rev. Dr. Davidson Chifungo

1. Rev. Matilda Matabwa
2. Rev. Maureen Tinenenji
3. Mrs. Agness Kamoto
4. Sheikh Jafar Kawinga

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