Most men at first find it difficult to understand what women want from them. This in numerous relationships has lead to disinterest, conflicts and separation. Most women prefer men who have different skills that make a well rounded personality.

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1. Cooking

It is a joy of every woman who finds herself in the arms of a man who knows to cook even the basic meals. Such women are aware that he can cook for her when she is sick or tired and will be treated to a delicious meal once she visits him.

2. Playing a musical instrument

Being in a position to play a certain musical instrument can be a plus to the vibes you tell your girlfriend. She will always enjoy when you play it and most are the cases she will think you are entertaining her.

3. Fixing things in the house

Familiarizing yourself with how to fix several household items can really impress a woman you are pursuing. Some of these  can be repairing any plumbing issues, electricity connection, the microwave, fridge among other items. Never shy from lending a hand to fix anything in her house, this can earn you points.

4. Grooming 

Most women go for men who have a great sense of dressing. Even though most men ignore this, women are always keen in any man’s dressing code once he pursues her. It does not matter whether you can’t afford expensive clothes but observing personal hygiene and keeping yourself neat gives you a presentable appearance.

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